Lawyers & Mental Illness

By December 18, 2015Uncategorized

As Americans and some lawyers, who are likely to trust that the personal issues or illnesses of colleagues are just that private. There is belief in the individuals right to isolation, and they erect laws and practices that care for privacy. We believe a sense of respect not to examine in depth about a colleague’s private life except if the colleague encourages the inquiry. That aspect plays a twisted role in allowing mental disorders and in peculiar addictive illness to seize hold and progress, with adequately damaging results to the depressed lawyers and those with whom they communicate with including colleagues and clients. Underlying to addictive illness is the capacity to disagree reality as others see it, and those depressed tend to be circled by family, friends and colleagues who assure them from reality, both by taking actions that rescue them from the results of their demeanor and by carefully bypassing names that seems wrong.

The truth is that attorneys are almost three times more likely than the ordinary population to endure depression and twice as likely to endure alcoholism. Attorneys are addicted to illegal drugs, lawyers are gambling and sex addicts and lawyers encounter serious of mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder. When these issues are not treated, they almost always adversely affect the lawyer’s capability to practice law.


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