Depressed and Addicted

By December 29, 2015Uncategorized

Many people have bad days due to problems at home, work is not going well for you or relationships are not working out. We all have experienced down periods within our lives. For many individuals, the down periods come and go in a ordinary fashion but can be fixed by things or do what makes us happy. Although the individuals who suffer from depression, are demonstrative about there feelings which does not go away so easily. Depression is a sincere mental illness with serious consequences for the person and his or her loved ones.

Substance abuse is prevalent among people who are struggling a depression disorder. Because alcohol or drugs is a way to lift their spirits or numb any painful thoughts. When someone has both depression and an addiction, it is called a Dual Diagnosis, A Dual Diagnosis can be created of any combination of a mental disorder such as – anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and addiction which can consist of – drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling. Dual diagnoses that combines depressive disorders are among the most prevailing forms of the problem; Indeed, the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry mentions “one in three adults who struggle with alcohol or drug abuse also suffers from depression”¬†As a conclusion, depression and substance abuse satisfy into each other, and one situation will generally make the other worse.


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