Bipolar Depression

By January 8, 2016Uncategorized

The mood swings between depression and mania that define bipolar disorder commonly appear along a continuity, with a high density of days with mood swings that are not certainly severe enough to mean as an episode of major depression or mania. On a daily basis depression for the most part is quite difficult to deal with. What is the characteristics between bipolar depression and Major depression? Depression of an episode can appear within bipolar or major depression disorders. When a person encounters a manic episode, consequent depressions are thought-out as bipolar depression. Major depression episodes consist of a variety of symptoms which can be severe or combined. The symptoms are a range of decreased energy, lack of concentration, not having good sleep, negative emotions, recurrent thought of death or suicide. There are frequent challenges in the descriptions of bipolar depression. Almost the difficulties determining whether a “bad day” is indicating a down hill trend in mood or the rise of a depressive episode.



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