Medication Management Clinic for Depression

in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA

Our Brand New Customized Medication Management Program for Depression

We are excited to announce our brand new medication management clinic in Beverly Hills, CA. The clinic is located in the same building as our TMS & Ketamine treatment clinic. We have dedicated a portion of our clinic to help serve the pharmaceutical needs of all of our patients. TMS, while effective as a standalone solution for depression, may need to be supplemented by a medication management plan in order to progress towards positive results.

The end goal for each patient is to relieve their depression symptoms and reduce their dosage over time and stable their mood and mental state.

About Our Medication Management Program

  • Each treatment plan is customized to fit the needs of each individual patient and their goal of achieving a desirable mental health state and relieving symptoms of depression
  • We use the latest scientific evidence and best clinical practices that are backed by the Star’D Study in which 4,000 depression patients seeking treatment were evaluated across the country! Read More…
  • Our treatment plans are backed by science & have been clinically proven to get patients back to feeling normal with the proper dosages based on the patient’s past medical history & current prescriptions
  • We may recommend additional treatments like TMS, Spravato and General Psychiatric services based on the patient’s needs, current state, and what our doctors uncover during the initial consultation & evaluation
  • We accept cash and all major insurances including Tri-Care & Medicare and feel free to Contact Us to see if we accept your insurance. Please have your insurance card handy when you call!

How Our Medication Management Program Is Executed

  • Once your insurance is verified by our staff, we will schedule a 90-minute initial consultation and mental health evaluation with our doubly board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Jacks
  • Please bring all current prescriptions to your initial consultation
  • After the initial consultation, our clinical team will determine the proper medication management program based on your current prescriptions
  • Dr. Jacks will provide you the proper prescriptions and have you back for 30-minute appointments every week or two until medications stable and depression symptoms decrease
  • Patients usually stay on medications for 8 months or up to a year, based on how the patient responds and as results improve
  • Follow up appointments will be scheduled every 4-6 months or as needed

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer standard medication management services for pain, oncology, etc. This program is only for people who suffer from depression and anxiety that are unhappy with their current program

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